Top 3 YouTube Channels for Plant Based Food Inspiration

So you’ve watched What The Health on Netflix and you want to incorporate more plant based meals into your diet but you’re thinking ‘What the hell can I eat now?’ It can be difficult to know where to start but after a few experimental sessions in the kitchen you will more than likely find yourself enjoying the process. When I decided to go vegan two years ago, YouTube was my number one go-to for meal inspiration. Now there seems to be an endless number of channels with ‘what I eat in a day’ videos and vegan recipes. You may also find some very opinionated individuals on there who may tell you to eat 50 bananas a day or to never set foot in a supermarket again because you might walk past a pot of honey. To save you the time deciphering which ones are a worthwhile watch, here are my top three vegan channels for mouth watering meal ideas. You’re welcome…

  1. Hot for Food

The birth child of Lauren Toyota, Hot for Food began as a blog and naturally transitioned into a YouTube channel when Lauren decided to say goodbye to a career in television. This was the first vegan channel I found and has consistently been a favourite when I want to mix my dinners up a little. There are some great short videos which are super quick and easy to follow, vegan food challenges and also Recipe? videos where Lauren makes dishes from ingredients she has left over in her kitchen, encouraging you to get creative and do the same. Comfort food is the name of the game with Hot for Food – going plant based doesn’t mean you have to eat rabbit food you know!

Pasta is a great way to start when you don’t really know what you’re doing in the kitchen. With this video, you suddenly have three signature dishes under your belt.


  1. Pick up Limes

I found this channel over the summer and it soon became a firm favourite. Sadia is a certified dietician who creates really amazing videos which are both hunger-inducing and educational. The channel provides lots of information with regards to nutrition and gives plenty of nutritious yet delicious food ideas to help kickstart your healthier lifestyle.

This is a great video for lunch ideas. I found coming up with lunchtime meals the most tricky, especially when trying to make ahead, so these simple lunch boxes certainly provide some great options to get going with.


  1. Nikki Vegan

I love this girl! She creates a lot of really simple, clean meals without compromising on taste. Her content is always well edited with clear instruction so you don’t waste any time. When exploring her video upload history you won’t be short of ideas for teatime. Nicole’s passion for the vegan lifestyle really comes across in her videos but there is no agenda here, no pressure and certainly no judgement which is a breath of fresh air in the vegan community which can be perceived as hostile at times.

When you want a hearty dinner this Autumn, try this pumpkin and sage pasta recipe – seriously yummy!




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